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Openness In Leadership

Open Leadership in Social Age

Social and digital disruption involves not merely the adoption of new technologies with timid adjustments to hierarchical control paradigm. It also means a change journey for leadership and managerial cultures and practices toward what we call social leadership model. New organizational architectures require a re-orientation of old-fashioned leadership models and styles grounded in new principles and behaviors. We’ll see how the social shift in leadership and management creates not only business and economic benefits, but also organizational and human enhancements in corporate and workspace environments.

Ubiquitous Marketing

Marketing with Internet of Things

If you understand internet as a disruptive force involving just people, you should refresh your current beliefs. A new internet of things (IoT) is emerging as an ambient filled by enchanted objects and social machines able to communicate and exchange to one another and to consumers. As with the social internet, the industrial internet is a game-changing, leveraging huge opportunities for ubiquitous marketing, communication and business strategies. We’ll learn how to create and exploit the marketing and business value of the networks between people and things in the new social industrial internet.

Reinventing Organizations

Organizations as Exponential Platforms

Scaling exponentially and leveraging social, digital cultures and architectures means thinking your firm as a platform and building an exponential organization whose impact is disruptively large compared to its peers. Because of the use of new organizational techniques and models that leverage accelerating digital and social technologies, exponential organizations are built upon information systems that take what was once physical in nature and re-materialize it into the digital, on-demand world. We’ll learn and experiment how to scale technologies and applications, but also we’ll learned how to scale and reinvent organizations.

Reality Data Mining

Actionable Intelligence from Big Data

Big Data is all the rage and hyped. But beyond the hype, a disruptive move is forcing towards the reality mining. The reality mining journey is coming at the individual scale with data generated by and applied to a single person as consumer and citizen (quantified self). But, from there, data are moving up a level to the consumers lives and to the employees and organizations (quantified organization). We’ll discover how generate intelligence and value from data and algorithms and how it is possible to use Big Data to engineer potentially better customer relationships, better employees experiences and profitable organizations.

Next Gen Digital Workplace Training & Support

Helping People and Organizations Cross the Digital Disruption Chasm without Falling Into It

New emerging digital marketplaces continuously demand the roll out of new IT solutions and systems at a speed & quality unmet to date. As a consequence winning businesses who want to retain their leadership or enter new markets must support and guide their workforce and end users much better than before. Whilst eLearning has worked well for the last decade of compulsory training and formal certification and social learning has then creeped in to support user community set up and engagement, today a more effective mix of learning technologies and methodologies are emerging, from learning analytics and context intelligence to performance support and business process improvement, that may be blended to build a more efficient learning 3.0 ecosystem in your organizations. Helping your business and people to cross the chasm of digital disruption, without falling into it.

Augmented Storytelling

Augmented Tales for Storytelling

Brands and marketers are morphing in digital writers and poets, virtual artists and performative filmmakers using innovative forms of pervasive networked technologies to build more intimate and lasting customer relationships and experiences. Trans-media collaborative stories and narratives re-mediate brands and products aesthetics and strategies exploiting creative ways of experiencing digital and augmented storytelling. We’ll share content marketing practices companies and brands are successfully deploying in their strategies to connect with customers and to co-create value in context, in use and in network.

Collaborative Economies

Collaborative Economies and Markets

The business of sharing is the new way of doing business spanning from collaborative consumption to peer-to-peer production. The commons-oriented economy is a disruptive creative system grounded in sharing practices and cultures among customers, citizens and users. Esploring sharing models, startups are building new business models while traditional companies are trying to adapt their current revenue streams benefiting from new approaches and service offerings. We’ll discover how established industries as well as new ones are exploiting peer-to-peer markets, collaborative lifestyles and circular economies.

Business Value Redesign

Social Business Value Redesign

Service design and experience design are central in digital businesses. But as we are accelerating toward a more disruptive economy, what is central is the value redesign. At the core of this process of redesign of the value co-creation in social business and social organization, we see the open and social innovation dynamics involving employees communities, customer crowds, partners ecosystems. The very digital transformation is about envisioning and enabling the co-creation of value in-context, in-use and in-network. We’ll see companies and marketers as value designers riding the wave of digital disruption.

Social Cloud Computing

Social Customer Relationship Management

The world of social customer relationship management is absolutely critical in an age of empowered customer and represents is a major shift in the way companies perceive and interact with customers. The move in the industry from software development to cloud-based social computing have created great opportunities to business owners, marketing executives or professionals. But integrating social CRM approaches and architectures into organizations requires both vision and execution. We’ll discover why and how companies decided to embrace social CRM and the benefits they derived.

New Retailing Frontiers

Omnichannels Strategies for Hybrid Spaces

Companies and marketers are placing more and more emphasis on digital retailing strategies as they respond to social and mobile consumers expecting seamless experiences across all touch-points, devices and apps whether in-store, at home, at work, or on the road. Brands and businesses are exploring the frontiers of omni-channels retailing while retail environments are becoming more and more competitive mixing, in hybrid spaces, digital and physical opportunities. You’ll discover from leading companies digital retailing ecosystems enhanced by cutting-edge international strategies and practices.

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